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Name: Stephanie Alva
Location: Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA


Stephanie Alva was born in West Covina, CA and is a very proud, goal oriented person who loves to have fun and make others laugh.

Her loving spirit of compassion draws others in and her genuine concern for her brothers and sisters is what builds the multitude of lasting relationships she so lovingly relishes.

Stephanie's great spirit of love lives in the Universe and allows her to use her life to help others fulfill their own desires of happiness.

She has always known her purpose in life was to help others and she considers it an honor to be of service to those who seek the knowledge she has to offer.

A woman of conviction, discernment, and commitment, Stephanie utilizes love to unlock the abundance & greatness in her life and the lives of others.

HOBBIES: Writing, singing, meditation, cooking, reading, Mentoring, hiking, creating Vision Boards, and spending time with my 9 God-Children

INTERESTS: Music, career development, Life Coaching technique development, weight loss & exercise regime's, and CHANGING LIVES wherever I go!


  • CEO, Wise Owl Music & Management (March 2006 - Current)
  • Motivational Speaker for My Life Keys, LLC (January, 2010 - Current)
  • Personal Manager, Wise Owl Management (2006 - Current)
  • Featured Artist on "Hooked On Boofunklics" mix CD, Harem Sound Productions (1994)
  • Member/Singer of Dove Award Nominated group, The Gospel Gangstas (1994-1996)
  • Appearance & performance on Bobby Jones Gospel, BET (1995)
  • Performed Wilshire E. Belle, Los Angeles, CA (1995)
  • Toured with Gospel Gangstas (1994-1996)
  • Senior Writer, VH1 Spin-Off Blog, (2005-2006)
  • Host, "The L-Down" Radio Show (2005-2007)
  • Owner/Writer, www.TheNewLicious.com (2008-Current)

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    "I have never heard negativity escape Stephanie's lips. She inspires me to try to look for more positivity in ALL situations! Her quotes and affirmations keep me thinking and make me want to be a better person! My dear sister, you inspire me!
    - Xo
    AKA @SweetLittleSister



    "I feel compelled to tell everyone I can about such a special woman such as Stephanie. She appeared in my life when I really needed encouragement! I don't think I knew that I needed the extra push until I received it. She's so determined, honest, compassionate, and warm. .. What I like to call a kindred Spirit to me. In just the short time I have know her, and even from afar, I see the resilience! Workouts twice a day?! Making time to give undivided attention to others, and yet keeps time for herself. Remarkable! She is a true blessing! Her great deeds are being rewarded 10 fold. Gods speed to you Queen. May you always be blessed and be a blessing to others as you have been to me." -
    Pearl M. McNatt



    "I was introduced to Stephanie Alva about 4 years ago by my wife, Angelina. From the moment I shook her hand I knew that I had just met someone that would enrich my life in a most positive way. Stephanie is a genuine person. I don't think that I've ever met anyone who, even when they were down, went out of their way to let you know that she knew that a brighter day was ahead. You can't help but to elevate your disposition when she's around. What a joy and honor it is to call her a friend. I've been a witness to some of the trials thrown her way and not once have I seen her waiver from her unshakable belief that God truly has her back. I have no doubt that the lives that she has touched and the paths that she has crossed have benefited from her strong belief and her ability to articulate. Someone once said, "Love and Happiness are perfumes that you can't sprinkle on others without getting a few drops on yourself". Stephanie Alva absolutely pours Love and Happiness.
    - James D. Richardson
    Business Manager



    "Stephanie is a great motivator and always has an encouraging and uplifting word to share. She supports you 100% in your efforts which helps you push towards your goal. "
    - Coach Nisha Ray
    Life Coach



    "It's difficult to put into words my feelings about Stephanie Alva and the impact she's had on my life. She's the ultimate example of: "please take my advice because I've been there." I remember her struggles and obstacles and how they affected her life. Now that I observe her take complete control of her life and her decisions, all I have to say is: Watch out world!!! Though her methods are unconventional, her tenacity and her ability to adapt are very apparent. Charisma and likeability are understatements, and she has the uncanny ability to find humor in everything! I love where she's been, who she is and what she will become."
    -Angela Scott-Betton
    Professor, Los Angeles, CA



    "There is so much I can say about how Stephanie has allowed her light to shine, but for the sake of time I am going to keep this short and sweet. Although there has not been a lot of interaction between Stephanie and I, the most important of all is the consistency in her personality. She is always smiling and full of encouraging words, most definitely does she keep the "food for thought" on deck! I am appreciative for her smiling face as it was wonderful to see and made me realize that things are not as bad as they may seem. I am excited to see her allowing God to use her to keep that smile going and passing along the joys of life in those less fortunate. Hands down Stephanie Alva is a delight in life!!! May God continue to bless her and everything she is involved with!"

    - Michelle Hockaday-Coleman
    Los Angeles, CA




    Don't put yourself in a box that doesn't even have your name on it!       The world is full of wide open possibilities. The only true limits that we encounter are the limits that we place upon ourselves.       I don't care what you've been told or even what you've been telling yourself. Greatness lives inside of you.       You are a PIECE OF GOD walking the face of the earth... YOU ARE PERFECTION!!!       YOU show people how to treat you by how you treat yourself       In order for things to change in your life, YOU have to change.       The worst thing you can EVER do is to give up!       The strengths we have are meant to be of service to other people.       With more confidence you will find it easier to take chances, learn new things and grow.       Develop a new habit of building your value internally and choose to let go of what you cannot control.       You can turn things around! You can succeed, even in the most difficult of circumstances!       Your network increases your net worth!       Be like little children and make believe!       If you stay ready, you won't have to get ready!       Acknowledge your magnificence!


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